Quotes from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

Terry Brooks ·  324 pages

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“Nothing is lost that we do not first see as lost, High Lord. Believe it saved, and it may be. Visions born of fear give birth to our failing. Visions born of hope give birth to our success.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“There was that sense of abandoning the familiar for the unknown that characterizes all journeys made for the first time.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“It wasn’t simply his choosing to be alone that kept him that way; it was almost a condition of his existence. The feeling that he was an outsider had always been there.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“Miles saw him as a grief-stricken recluse, hiding from the world while he mourned his dead wife. Maybe that was the way everyone saw him. But Annie’s death had not created the condition; it had merely emphasized it.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“But Miles had always approached life differently than he, always preferring to blend in with his surroundings rather than to shape them, always preferring to make do. He just didn’t understand that there were some things in life a man simply should not accept.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“Couples and singles made a poor mix, and most of their friends had been couples. He hadn’t done much to foster continuing friendships in any case, spending most of his time involved with his work and with his private, inviolate grief. He was not such good company anymore, and only Miles had had the patience and the perseverance to stay with him.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“There were always risks in life. Life was meant to be lived like that because if it wasn’t, then what was the purpose of living it at all? Measuring”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“What once was and was good ought not to be cast aside.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

“Maybe he should phone it all in to Andy Rooney.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

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Terry Brooks
Born place: in Sterling, Illinois, The United States
Born date January 8, 1944
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