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7+ quotes from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel by Saira Viola

Quotes from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

Saira Viola ·  252 pages

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“Reality Tv had become the preferred drug of choice for the George Clooney obsessed housewives strung out on empty promises and splintered dreams”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“She was all slump and sag her spirit withering like a tuckering weed shambling for a way out”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“Everyday she loses a bit more of herself , every day another nail in her coffin house payments medical bills and middle aged isolation”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“A good lawyer serves you from the cradle to the grave”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“... Was a combo of Sal Dali and Ronald McDonald. A fringe celeb wheeled out for Tv appearances.”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“When a sex tape gets made a star is born with a publicity agent on speed dial a six figure payout and a line of tacky lingerie in the works”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

“Nick sat alone reading a copy of The Independent . Cocaine socialists were trying their hardest to juice up Britain's economy with super casinos”
― Saira Viola, quote from Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel

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