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6+ quotes from Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood

Quotes from Infinite Sky

C.J. Flood ·  274 pages

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“There was nothing I wished I'd said to him. There was nothing I wished I hadn't said.”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

“For some reasonthen, I remember how Sam hated to be laughed at, and all of the times I did it anyway, because I wanted him to feel stupid, and I wonder how anybody can be cruel to someone they love. How can anyone do anything but love each other and be kind when at the end of it all, waiting quietly, sure as the dark at the end of the loveliest day, is only this?”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

“Some people can't fit the mould that's made for them...They get squashed in. And it's hard for them to leave, but it's harder for them to stay. They have to find other ways to be.”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

“Soon I will be older than him, but I'll always chase him anyway, like a little sister, and always he'll be running just along at the edges of things, and always he'll be turning a corner, just ahead.”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

“When you want things to change, you have to do something different.”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

“The sky was the colour of a sucked-out blue ice-pop”
― C.J. Flood, quote from Infinite Sky

About the author

C.J. Flood
Born place: in Derby, The United Kingdom
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