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Quotes from Forgotten

Cat Patrick ·  304 pages

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“Nothing fixes a thing so intently in the memory as the wish to forget it”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“The boy in the closet is your boyfriend. He loves you and will tell you all about last night.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Tears upon tears splat on to the lined pages in my hands as I read about a nightmare come true. Quickly, I wipe away the saltwater so it won't fade the ink. Because even as my chest caves in and makes me hate the chipper birds and everything else, I know that I needed to read this today, and I need to read it again tomorrow.

For me, reading is remembering.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“The simplicity of knowing what’s coming isn’t so simple after all.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Funny how possibility can lift you. Funny how reality can slam you down.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“I think it’s just the whole package. I can’t pick you apart. I just love all of you. I think I always have.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“I can’t stay away from you,” he whispers...“Don’t stay away from me, then,” I whisper back...”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Okay, fine, we were married elsetime. Anyway, we died of whatever you die from, let’s say natural causes. But we were in love, so our souls keep finding each other in whatever forms our bodies take.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“The boy in the closet is your boyfriend. He loves you and will tell you all about last night.” “Cute,” I say, feeling my eyelids droop and sleep approach. “Don’t forget to tell me about the last hour in the closet.” “I’ll re-create it for you tomorrow,” Luke says...”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Tomorrow is Monday so it must be the weekend”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Luke and I stay nestled together until he nudges me.
We’d better get going, he says gently.
I guess I dozed off. I’m not letting you fall asleep without a note again. Why not? I ask, stretching. I kiss him on the cheek and add, with a sly smile, you don’t have to worry, Luke. I’ll remember you in the morning.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“....LondonLane: I’m sure I don’t remember everything. I remember the future the way you remember the past. You remember the really good and bad and forget some of the middle, right?
LJH6678: Sure.
LondonLane: Same with me. Why?
LJH6678: Do you remember us having sex?...

LJH6678: Well? LondonLane: Truth? LJH6678: YES! LondonLane: Yes.....

Luke learned that he’s going to die young today and all he wants to ask me about is sex?”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Trying not to think about it is only making it worse.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“When I finally accept it, the truth stings. But there's no time to dwell on it, and there are only two choices: I can remind myself about someone who is not a part of my life, or I can leave him out of my notes to save myself from going through this all over again tomorrow.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“There was an awkward silence
Until I throw a rock at it”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Jo Lane had in fact lived there for five years until she moved on. “Where did she go?” I asked innocently, not getting it. “I’m so sorry to be the one telling you this, but Jo passed last winter,” the young nurse said. “She died,” she added, probably because of my dazed look.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“My heart leaps as I remember this morning's note. This boy is my weirdo.
My weirdo is hot.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Who knows until we experience it? I think that heaven and reincarnation are both ways of making us feel better about what happens to people's souls after death. I hope at least one of them is true.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Olvidar es un lujo, nadie vendrá a llevarse las cosas que quisiera no haber visto, las cosas que quisiera no haber conocido. Tendré que vivir con ellas.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“I can always change the future.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

“Es curioso como la posibilidad te puede levantar los ánimos. Es curioso como la realidad te puede hundir.”
― Cat Patrick, quote from Forgotten

About the author

Cat Patrick
Born place: Cheyenne, Wyoming, The United States
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