Quotes from Enchantress from the Stars

Sylvia Engdahl ·  304 pages

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“The human mind is incredible. It can do nothing without belief, yet practically anything with it.”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“People who love each other can no more keep from communicating than from breathing.”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“Must a man then live as his fellows live, and never reach beyond?”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“There are different kinds of truth. And if our kind is more mature than theirs, it's so only because we know that.”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“What is it, I wonder, that makes two people suddenly become important to each other? So important that everything else around them just fades away?”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“I know little of magic, Lady,' he said haltingly. 'I am but a woodcutter's son, and there is much that is not given to men to understand; but of this I am sure: there is more to things than we imagine. Beyond the stars are worlds without number, perhaps, and had I never sought to look beyond my own I should be the poorer for it.”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“It is the only happiness now possible to me, to know that all is well with you”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

“But a light now waxed within him at the knowledge that such wonders as he had been shown could exist.”
― Sylvia Engdahl, quote from Enchantress from the Stars

About the author

Sylvia Engdahl
Born place: in Los Angeles, California, The United States
Born date November 24, 1933
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