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“Tayla cursed under her breath. "I was just explaining to Eidolon that Sin is a Smurfette."
Wraith swung his big body around to study Sin with blue eyes that were very different from Shade's, E's. and Lore's. Sin's, too. "Nah. Smurfette is way hotter."
"What the fuck is a Smurfette?" Eidolon was seriously getting annoyed now.
"There's this cartoon called The Smurfs," Tayla explained, slowly, as though Eidolon were the child here.
"They're these little blue people, and they're all male. But one day a female shows up. She shouldn't exist, but she does."
Eidolon considered that for a second. "How did she get there?"
"An evil wizard named Gargamel made her," Tayla said. "In a lab or something."
"So you're suggesting that an evil wizard made Sin?"
"Of course not, silly. I'm just saying she's a Smurfette. A lone female amongst males."
Eidolon frowned. "Did the Smurfette mate with the males?"
"Dude." Wraith grimaced. "It's a cartoon.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Congratulations on the new spawn, by the way."
"Well," Gem said, "that was better than what Wraith said." She lowered her voice and did an imitation of Wraith. "Way cool about the fuck-trophy.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Yeah," he grount out. "I nailed her."
"Where?" Luc always wanted the dirty details.
"Stockroom. Pay up."
Luc snorted and reached for his wallet. "I really got taken on this one , didn't I?" He handed over four hundreds and five twenties.
"Yeah, well, you can have the last laugh once the Sem brothers catch up with me. Seems she's their sister."
"Dude." Luc streched out the word and then whistled, low and long. "Nice knowing you. So, will it at least have been worth it? Being gutted by Shade, I mean. Was she good ?"
His body heated as though remembering. And wanting again.
"Of course I was."
Fuck. Con spun around to find Sin standing there, hands on hips and fury in her expression. Like a kid caught stealing candy, he whipped the money behind his back. She looked at him as if he was an idiot and grabbed his arm, briging it around.
"It's not what you think," he said lamely, because it was exactly what she thought.
"Really? So that big asshole behind you didn't bet you five hundred bucks that you couldn't fuck me ?"
"That's what I thought. You dick. How stupid do you think I am ? Your name really fits you , Con." She snatched the money from him, took two hundreds and three twenties, and thrust the remaining two hundred and forty dollars back into his hand. Then, smiling broadly, she punched him in the shoulder. "Next time you make a bet like that, don't cheat me out of my half. I owe you a ten."
She winked and left him, jaw-dropped and gaping, as she sauntered away.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“What does she look like?" Sin asked.
"Like she'd look good on a mattress."
Sin jammed her fists on her hips. "That tells me nothing, and aren't you mated?"
"I'm also a sex demon. I didn't go blind when I took a mate.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“I love you. Never forget that. Never forget...me.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Funny how his two special abilities—taking and giving life—were so opposite, but only the “good” one came with pain. He supposed it made sense; life fucking hurt.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“She licked again, taking her time,even though she didn't need to; her first stroke numbed the bite site. No, this second taste was for her, not him, and there was no lying about that.
"I'm starting to feel like a Tootsie Pop, here" he rasped.
She couldn't contain a smile. " Yes... how did that old commercial go?" She licked him. "One." She licked him again, and he moaned.
"Two." She licked him once more, and his hips came off the bed,
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“The present was better. Much, much better. Humans had coffee now. And gelato.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“You know,' Wraith muttered, 'life was a lot easier when we hated all humans and didn't give a shit what happened to the lot of them.' He laughed. 'Okay, I couldn't say that with a straight face. I still don't give a shit'.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Lore? Tell me what Sin said about you being tortured wasn't true,'
He didn't look at her as he moved toward the bathroom. 'It wasn't true.'
'You're lying.'
'You told me to.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“You'd better, because if you've left him with anyone other than Mary fucking Poppins, there won't be enough left of you to fill a juice glass.

― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“The Vamp Council hung a portrait of me on their hero wall. How's that for ironic?'
'Especially since they showed it to you just before they tortured you for Serena's turning,' Shade said.
Wraith snorted again. 'Fuckers'.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“You son of a bitch!'
'What? he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 'You were mad.'
'I wasn't talking about the kiss.'
He grinned. 'Does that mean I can do it again?”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“You really believe that? He took a step toward her.' I'm risking Sin's life by putting off what I have to do to Kynan. I'm doing that for you. Not for Kynan or my brothers. I took a knife for you. I've kissed you over and over when I never kiss anyone. So why the hell would I want to see you suffer?”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“leave it to him to get messed up with deaths little girl”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Let’s just say that my father is a very powerful man."
"That’s a little understated, don’t you think? … You know, seeing how he’s the Grim fucking Reaper.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“I’m so jealous,” she whispered, and he blinked.
“Of what?”
Her head fell back on the pillow, and she stared up at the ceiling with the saddest eyes he’d ever seen.
“You’re so alive, Lore. There’s fire in you. A will to live, when all I want is to be done with this life.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“Either one of you kill him, or I will.”
Shade, Wraith and Kynan raised their hands to volunteer. How special. Brotherly love ran like syrup in the room.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“His gaze slammed into hers. 'I love you. Never forget that. Never forget...me.'
He loved her. Emotion bubbled up in her throat, leaving her voice completely wrecked. 'Never,' she rasped.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“God, these guys were like fucking Terminators. Or Borg. Resistance is futile and all that shit. It was clear she wasn’t going to shake the Brothers From Hell.”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

“said, his voice thick with anger, “I’m going to get into her”
― Larissa Ione, quote from Ecstasy Unveiled

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