4+ quotes from Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George

Quotes from Dragon Spear

Jessica Day George ·  248 pages

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“We startled some strange, long-necked shaggy creatures that had been grazing in the field, and I swear one of them spit at Feniul. Hagen slipped off of Leontes'neck and started to follow the creatures into the little copse of trees they had taken shelter in, fascinated, but I called him back.
"They spit."I said. "They probably bite as well."
"They are ill tempered things,"Amacarin agreed."But I saw someone riding one yesterday. It did not look like a smooth-gaited beast, though."
Now there was even more longing in Hagen's face."
Luka started laughing. "I shall buy you one when you finish your apprenticeship." He told my brother. "It can be your mastery gift. A hairy, spitting cow horse.”
― Jessica Day George, quote from Dragon Spear

“I could never live like this," I whispered to Luka.
"No," he agreed. "I've seen you grovel. It's not very convincing.”
― Jessica Day George, quote from Dragon Spear

“The birds screeched and continued to dive at us. One of them settled on a nearby branch and began berating us. I stopped in my tracks, however, when it actually called out, “Stupid creatures!” “Can they talk?” “Yes,” Shardas said curtly, “making them even worse than Marta’s monkey. If you talk to them, they will mimic the words. Unfortunately, most of what they hear are curse words, so please don’t be shocked if they call you ruder things than ‘stupid’.”
― Jessica Day George, quote from Dragon Spear

“Now I could stand easily in my pure, white dress and smile while King Caxel glared away.”
― Jessica Day George, quote from Dragon Spear

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Jessica Day George
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