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Christine Feehan ·  432 pages

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“You’ve got a wolf slobbering all over your hand. These wolf men are charmers and I don’t trust any of them, especially the one holding your hand, further than I can throw them.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Dimitri Tirunul was her unexpected miracle. A man beyond any she’d ever dreamt of. She was human. He was Carpathian— nearly immortal. She was nineteen years old. He was an ancient, centuries old. She held the other half of his soul, the light to his darkness. Without her, he would not survive. She was his lifemate— his savior. Yet she knew just the opposite was true— Dimitri was the one saving her.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

That’s my girl, he whispered into her mind. I meant what I said about taking your body into my keeping. You’ll always be safe with me. Just let yourself feel, not think. You’re with me, and I’ll cherish and protect you for all time.
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

Dimitri? She tried not to influence him. It was their decision together, not just hers. She knew he would listen with an open mind to her reasons and she wanted to be able to do the same for him.
His laughter was soft in her mind, filling her with an odd tingling sensation, with a small rush of heat. Skyler.
That was it. Her name. She sent him a look from under her lashes, one she usually reserved for Josef. Are you mocking me?
Teasing you. Just a little. We’re getting the wolf pups. How could I possibly say no to a gift like that? You would never stop arguing with me.
Discussing. I was totally prepared to be reasonable and listen to you and then show you all the reasons you were absolutely wrong if you disagreed.

Dimitri burst out laughing.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“He wouldn't give up on her. He was prepared to do anything, fight any battle. No matter if the act was forbidden or not, if he could get her back, he would humble himself, put himself in any kind of jeopardy or fight any battle to save her."

― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Kissing is so amazing,” she admitted, settling into his arms again. “I think I could get addicted to it quite easily.”
“I am already addicted to kissing you,” he said, his tone low. “So let’s clarify, just in case we run into one of those not so nice things about my character. Kissing me is amazing. It would be very deadly for anyone else.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“He wouldn't give up on her. He was prepared to do anything, fight any battle. No matter if the act was forbidden or not, if he could get her back, he would humble himself, put himself in any kind of jeopardy or fight any battle to save her."

- Dimitri's thoughts”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“I can understand why you want to hang with her, but seriously, what does she see in you?”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Your lifemate is either not born or”— she smirked at him mischievously—“ she’s probably one of Gregori’s daughters.”
He groaned and slapped his forehead with his palm. “A curse on you forever for uttering those words, for putting that thought out into the universe. Don’t even think that, let alone say it aloud. Can you imagine Gregori Daratrazanoff as a father-in-law? Sheesh, Skyler, you really do want me dead.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Your family is one of the most powerful families of our people.” He frowned. “Which reminds me, why don’t you ever refer to Gregori as your uncle? He’s a brother to Lucian and Gabriel, so technically, he is your uncle.”
“I guess I never thought about it. I don’t know him. We’re in London, and he’s here in the Carpathian Mountains and he’s never shown a tremendous amount of interest in me.”
“He’s a Daratrazanoff, believe me, Sky, he’s interested in you. If you disappear, your family is going to come looking and they’ll be on the warpath. All of your family, especially Gabriel.”
“Are you afraid of my father?” Skyler asked.
“I’ve got news for you, honey, everyone is afraid of your father, and if they aren’t they should be, especially when it comes to you. Haven’t you noticed how protective he is of you? Your uncle Lucian is just as bad if not worse, and if anyone messes with one of those men or anyone they love, they answer to both of them.”
Skyler bit her lip. “I’m sorry, Josef, for putting you in this position. I can’t turn back. I have to find Dimitri. I know I can do this. This plan is flawless. And we both knew— and counted on Gabriel and Lucian coming after me. I can go from here by myself, I really can.”
Josef burst out laughing. “Now you really have lost your mind. If I let you do this alone, they’d really kill me.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“He wouldn’t give up on her. He was prepared to do anything, fight any battle. No matter if the act was forbidden or not, if he could get her back, he would humble himself, put himself in any kind of jeopardy or fight any battle to save her.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Zev patted his sword. “No problem then. I can take on the entire Lycan world for you, with a kid no less, just so you can get your beauty sleep.”
“My lifemate is Tatijana and you see what she looks like. I can’t risk looking like I’m Dracula.”
Zev laughed softly. “I don’t know what that woman sees in you.”
“Quite frankly, neither do I.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“He knew she was his lifemate when she was just a child, and he had given her time. Space. Unconditional love. He never demanded anything of her. He never told her how difficult it was for him— that she was his salvation— just out of his reach. He had always been there for her, in the middle of the night, when her violent past was too close and she couldn’t sleep, when nightmares haunted her to the point she couldn’t breathe. He was there, in her mind, holding all those terrifying memories at bay. Dimitri. Her Dimitri.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“No one, not even Mikhail Dubrinsky, the prince of the Carpathian people, would be able to stop a war if the Lycans harmed her.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

I have always been secretly amused that others continually underestimated you, my love, he confessed, but I have found these last few nights have taught me that even I underestimate you and your strength.
For the first time, he felt the familiar stirring in his mind, that beloved touch that signaled the love of his life had ever so gently merged with him. How she found the strength when there was so little blood left in her body, he didn’t know.
His body came to life. His heart. His soul. That gentle touch, the brush of her voice across the scars in his mind held so much love he ached inside. She set up cravings with her soft gentle ways. Hunger. She found a well of tenderness in him that had been buried and forgotten for centuries.
You scared me, he admitted. You can never do this again.
She didn’t reply in words, the effort to talk even telepathically was too much in her weakened state, but she stroked a caress over the sorrow and fear he’d been holding inside.
You must reenter your body, Skyler. It will be uncomfortable and there will be pain again, but not like we experienced before. He instilled absolute confidence in his voice, and kept it uppermost in his mind, although deep inside he was afraid she might balk.
There was a flutter against the walls of his mind, as gentle as the gossamer wings of a butterfly. You?
Every step of the way. I will hold you. You’ll never be alone, not in that dark cold world or the one above where we face war and persecution.

― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“You just want mixed blood because you took one look at a certain woman and all brain matter went dead,” Fen accused.
Zev didn’t open his eyes or stop feeding. She did make an impression.
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“Zev nodded. He smiled up at Tatijana as she came to his side. “It’s good to see you,” he greeted her. “Thanks for saving us out there.”
She smiled back at him and sank down into the grass, taking his arm to inspect the damage. “It’s getting to be a habit. We can’t have anyone killing you, Zev. My sister wouldn’t be too pleased. She’s hoping to get another dance with you sometime.”
“She probably doesn’t remember my name,” Zev said. “But it’s kind of you to say so.”
Tatijana laughed. “Silly man. Your name is probably the only one she does remember. She’s not very social.”
Fen gave a small derisive snort. “The lengths you go to, getting yourself hurt just for a little female sympathy. You know, Tatijana, he really is far faster than he lets on and he could have prevented the knife from slicing him open. He was just hoping your sister would show up and kiss it all better.”
Zev sent him a warning glare. “I’m still armed to the teeth, you bastard.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

“You people should come with a warning label,” Byron told Zev.
Zev flipped him off.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Dark Wolf

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