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Tamora Pierce ·  258 pages

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“Tris: "I was reading."
Sandry: "You're always reading. The only way people can ever talk to you is to interrupt."
Tris: "Then maybe they shouldn't talk to me.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

“Daja: "He and Rosethorn work together? They hate each other."
Lark: "I didn't say they liked it.
- Daja and Lark referring to Rosethorn and Crane's cooperation on finding the cures for new diseases”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

“Lark: "You shouldn't yell at her."
Frostpine: "Of course I should. Gods bless us all, Lark, but our Water dedicates would try the patience of a stone."
— Dedicates Lark and Frostpine when the latter found out that the Water Temple had run out of warded boxes”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

“We're just frisking like little captive lambkins.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

“You pay attention just to words, not how they're said. Briar's like you - he talks meaner than he is, and people fall for it. You should know better.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

“No one asks to live in squalor, Tris. It is just that squalor is all that is left to them by those who have money.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Briar's Book

About the author

Tamora Pierce
Born place: in South Connellsville, Pennsylvania, The United States
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