Quotes from I Know It's Over

C.K. Kelly Martin ·  244 pages

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“Love does strange things to you sometimes. It can twist you into saying and doing things that you know you’ll regret and still, you do them.”
― C.K. Kelly Martin, quote from I Know It's Over

“How many times can a person break you heart?”
― C.K. Kelly Martin, quote from I Know It's Over

“Things never go wrong at the moment you expect them to. When you're completely relaxed, oblivious to any potential dangers, that's when bad things happen.”
― C.K. Kelly Martin, quote from I Know It's Over

“You spend months barely acknowledging someone's existence and then BOOM, you're emotionally addicted to her. Science would probably blame it on chemicals, genetics or something equally logical, but it didn't feel like anything logical”
― C.K. Kelly Martin, quote from I Know It's Over

“I wanted to tell his dad that Nathan was fine the way he was and that he was the one that needed to change. It made me glad to have my parents. If I told my dad I was gay, he'd probably just look scared and hand over more safe sex money." -Nick Severson”
― C.K. Kelly Martin, quote from I Know It's Over

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C.K. Kelly Martin
Born place: Canada
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