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“He raised his hand to brush a stray hair from her face. Instead of dropping his hand, he slid it behind her neck and drew her closer. His earthy pine scent enveloped her. When his lips touched hers, she lost any hope of control.”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve

“Yeah…hey, you have a male here.” Shay walked toward the hall, sniffing the air. “And he’s human. Way to go, Dani!”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve

“He hissed and rocked his hips into her. “You like to bite?”
“I’m a cat, aren’t I?”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve

“He stepped into her line of sight and brushed the robe aside to press a tender kiss on her scarred breast. “They are part of you. I think you are beautiful with them.”
“I’m not perfect like other shifters.”
“I don’t want perfect because it doesn’t exist in any species.”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve

“You’re not weak.” He stalked toward her. The gleam in those grey eyes sent heat to her sex. “What did you mean by finding me and not letting me go?” She swallowed. “I…you’re the one who’s my potential true mate.” He stopped a couple of inches from her and cupped her face. She covered his hand with hers and watched shock, confusion, and hint of joy pass over his handsome features in a swirl of emotion.”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve

“Then there were the scars and the fear he would reject her after he saw how much of her body was ruined. A tear dropped, forming a dent in the snow. She had spent the last couple of years living alone and coming to terms with the idea of never finding a mate. And she’d just run away from a potential mate. God, she was an idiot.”
― Lia Davis, quote from Winter Eve


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