Quotes from The Thief Lord

Cornelia Funke ·  350 pages

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“Children are caterpillars and adults are butterflies. No butterfly ever remembers what it felt like being a caterpillar.”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“-You forgot something important!
-It's under my sweater!
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“They wouldn't tell Scipio how much of the counterfeit cash was left since, as Riccio put it, 'You're a detective now, after all.”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“He wants to be grown-up. How different dreams can be! Nature will soon grant your wish.”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“Let's run away to Venice, and hide out in an old movie theater. We can dye our hair blonde, so no one will ever find us!”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“Are you really going to catch us and take us back to Esther? We don’t belong to her, you know.”
Embarrassed, Victor stared at his shoes. “Well, children all have to belong to somebody,” he muttered.
“Do you belong to someone?”
“That’s different.”
“Because you’re a grown-up?”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

“For the hundredth time, she closed her eyes so she could see another room in her mind's eye, one with a curtain full of stars, and a mattress surrounded by books that whispered their stories to her at night. – Pg. 235”
― Cornelia Funke, quote from The Thief Lord

About the author

Cornelia Funke
Born place: in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Born date December 10, 1958
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