Quotes from The Way We Fall

Megan Crewe ·  309 pages

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“You learn a lot when you know no one else is going to do things for you.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“This is what we do. We make tea and read books and watch people die.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Most people think the scariest thing is knowing that you’re going to die. It’s not. It’s knowing you might have to watch every single person you’ve ever loved – or even liked – waste away while you just stand there.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Spoilers follow

I started reading the third act of Hamlet, and I got about two pages in when I realized there's no point.
I am never going back to school.
I am never going to the university.
I am never going to watch wolves stalk through the northern forests or elephants graze on the savanna. I am never going to have sex or get married or raise a family. I'm never going to have a first apartment, a first house, a first car. I'm never”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Our virus is a lot smarter than the ones you see in zombie movies. It doesn't make its victims stagger around slobbering and moaning so anyone in their right minds would run the other way. It gets you cozying up to people so you cough and sneeze it right into their faces.
We just need the vaccine. Then we'll be okay.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Todos nos encontramos ante un acantilado y para sobrevivir no se trata de ser el mejor ni el más listo. Se trata de perseverar tanto tiempo como podamos, de intentarlo, equivocarnos y volverlo a intentar, hasta estar un centímetro más cerca de superar la situación”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Aunque creo que ellos también están enfermos: enfermos de miedo, enfermos de egoísmo. ¿Cómo pueden hacer las cosas que hacen sin odiarse a sí mismos?”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Al verlo en el vestíbulo, calzándose las botas, he notado un intenso pinchazo en el pecho. Porque hablaba en serio. Iba a volver las veces que hiciera falta. Como si yo fuera... alguien por quien mereciera la pena correr ese riesgo.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“Porque a mí no habría podido salvarme. Si me tengo que salvar lo haré yo misma. Creo que puedo hacerlo.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall

“I suppressed the urge to raise my hand and let them film my middle finger.”
― Megan Crewe, quote from The Way We Fall


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Megan Crewe
Born place: in Toronto, Canada
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