Quotes from The Third Wedding

Costas Taktsis ·  303 pages

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“Suddenly, I could see it all so vividly: the cruelty and inhumanity of self-righteous people, who like to think that they're saints, pure as the driven snow.”
― Costas Taktsis, quote from The Third Wedding

“You really liked having him in jail, like people who shut birds up in cages on the excuse that they're protecting them from their enemies.”
― Costas Taktsis, quote from The Third Wedding

“Before it began to open new wounds, the war healed quite a few old ones: it shook us out of our lethargy, our life took on new meaning, we no longer lived without a purpose, eating and sleeping and excreting like animals.”
― Costas Taktsis, quote from The Third Wedding

“Do you really think it's behaving like a Christian to be glad when you see death and ruin falling on your fellow men? Is that what Christ taught us?”
― Costas Taktsis, quote from The Third Wedding

“Hecuba had the mistaken notion, just like my poor mama, that all a girl had to do was to get married and all her problems were solved overnight.”
― Costas Taktsis, quote from The Third Wedding

About the author

Costas Taktsis
Born place: in Thessaloniki, Greece
Born date October 8, 1927
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