Quotes from The Crystal Cave

Mary Stewart ·  494 pages

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“The gods only go with you if you put yourself in their path. And that takes courage.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“I think there is only one. Oh, there are gods everywhere, in the hollow hills, in the wind and the sea, in the very grass we walk on and the air we breathe, and in the bloodstained shadows where men like Belasius wait for them. But I believe there must be one who is God Himself, like the great sea, and all the rest of us, small gods and men and all, like rivers, we all come to Him in the end.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“But I have noticed this about ambitious men, or men in power, that they fear even the slightest and least likely threat to it.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“Thinking and planning is one side of life; doing is another. A man cannot be
doing all the time.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“Then she saw me watching her. For perhaps two seconds our eyes met and held. I knew then why the ancients armed the cruellest god with arrows; I felt the shock of it right through my body.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“Someone's got to look after the devil himself, as long as he wears clothes and needs food and drink.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“The gods only go with you if you put yourself in their path. And that takes courage. I”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“—¿Dios? ¿Dios? Te he oído hablar de muchos dioses.
Si te refieres a Mitra...
—Mitra, Apolo, Arturo, Cristo, llámalo como quieras —dije—.
¿Qué importa el nombre que le den los hombres? Es la misma luz, y los hombres deben vivir con esta luz o morir. Yo sólo sé que Dios es la fuente
de toda la luz que ilumina la tierra y que su designio está en todo el mundo y pasa por cada hombre como un gran río que no podemos detener ni desviar; solo podemos beber de él mientras vivimos y encomendar nuestros cuerpos en él cuando morimos.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“Used every man according to his capacity.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“the god does not speak to those who have no time to listen.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“sat, chin on hand, thinking, my eyes on the bright distance. I”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“A round moon stood low in the sky, pale still, and smudged with shadow, and thin at one edge like a worn coin. There was a scatter of small stars, with here and there the shepherd stars herding them, and across from the moon one great star alone, burning white. The shadows were long and soft on the seeding grasses. A”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“Knowledge, I suppose, blocked the gates of vision.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

“A robin lighted on a blackthorn at my elbow, and began to sing. The sound came high and sweet and uncaring through all the noise of battle. To this day, whenever I think of the battle for Kaerconan, it brings to mind a robin’s song, mingled with the croaking of the ravens.”
― Mary Stewart, quote from The Crystal Cave

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Mary Stewart
Born place: in Sunderland, The United Kingdom
Born date September 12, 1916
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