7+ quotes from The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon

Quotes from The Burn Journals

Brent Runyon ·  336 pages

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“The only problem with seeing people you know is that they know you.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“Before everything, I used to do this thing when I was upset-I used to take all my feelings and push them down inside me. It was like they were garbage and I was compacting it to get more in. I felt like I could keep pushing all my feelings down into my socks and I wouldn't have to worry about them. I don't think I do that anymore.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“I was surprised that every single person I talked to had a story about how depression had affected their lives. Carmelita Gamboa, a teenager in Michigan, later wrote to me, "The sad thing is, after a while, it starts to feel like home". It does, doesn't it?”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“So what does that make you think about God?
I think that maybe, if human beings have souls, that maybe their souls are in their eyes. That maybe that's what the color is. Their souls.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“Every time I open my mouth to say what I'm feeling, something stops me and I have to make sure I'm not going to say anything stupid. It makes me crazy. And then, once I've figured out what I'm going to say, I have to go over it, over and over again, just to see if what I'm feeling is right. And then I have to figure out how to say it.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“I think that maybe, if human beings have souls, that maybe their souls are in their eyes. That maybe that’s what the color is. Their souls."
"Well, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul."
"No, that’s not what I mean. I mean, the actual color is kind of like your spirit, like your soul. And the black space, maybe the black space is the tunnel that people talk about when they die. Do you know what I mean? Like when you die, you go into the eyes of the person you’re looking at and walk through their eyes and, at the other end, that’s where heaven is.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

“He says everything like it happened to someone else.”
― Brent Runyon, quote from The Burn Journals

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Brent Runyon
Born place: in The United States
Born date January 1, 1977
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