7+ quotes from Sweep: Volume 1 by Cate Tiernan

Quotes from Sweep: Volume 1

Cate Tiernan ·  592 pages

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“There are no coincidences. And everything means something.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“Better stupid and safe that smart and dead.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“I'd once read somewhere that is takes about half as long to recover from a deep relationship as the relationship lasted.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“Robbie turned to the house again. "Got a flashlight?"
"Of course not." I smirked. "That would make me too well prepared, wouldn't it?”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“Stay here!" he commanded me, then he raced off after Cal.
I stopped for just a moment. Then I ran after them.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“What would it be like to care so little about what other people thought of you?”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

“Years from now I'll look back and remember today as the day I met him. I'll look back and remember the exact moment my life began to include him. I will remember it forever.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Sweep: Volume 1

About the author

Cate Tiernan
Born place: in New Orleans, The United States
Born date July 24, 1961
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