Quotes from Snakes and Earrings

Hitomi Kanehara ·  128 pages

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“God has to be a sadist to give people life.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“If you were God, what kind of human would you create?" I asked.

"I wouldn't change how they look. But I would make them as dumb as chickens. So dumb they'd never even imagine the existence of a god.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“I collapsed on to the ground and broke down in tears. Screw you. Go to hell, you fuckers. I wish I had a greater vocabulary to fully express the extent of my pain and hatred. But I don't. I'm just pathetic. That's all I am.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“The silence of the room was shattered with a wail of pain coming from deep within me.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“It’s what’s known as the ‘why feed a fish if it’s already in your net’ mentality, but when a fish runs out of food, it has one of two choices: to escape or die”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“In finnish:
"Ajan myötä lohikäärme ja kirin loivat rupensa ja veivät muodonmuutoksensa loppuun asti, ja niin niistä tuli osa ruumistani. Nyt ne olivat oikeasti omaisuuttani - sana, jota käytin mielelläni ajatellessani niitä.
Mutta oli myös mahdollista, että niiden arvo alenisi uutuudenviehätyksen kadottua. Samaan tapaan saattaa omistaa upean mekon, joka saa olon tuntumaan mahtavalta. Mutta eipä aikaakaan, kun se on pelkkä vaatekappale muiden joukossa. Olin kai siinä mielessä ollut aina oikukas ja viskannut vaatteita kaapinperälle käytettyäni niitä vain pari, kolme kertaa. Näkemykseni avioliitosta on paljolti samanlainen. Näen sen tilanteena, jossa kaksi ihmistä yrittää omistaa toisensa. Tai vaikka ei olisikaan naimisissa, pojat yrittävät aina jotain tuonsuuntaista: mitä kauemmin heidän kanssaan on, sitä enemmän he yrittävät asteittain kasvattaa valtaansa toiseen ihmiseen.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“All I wanted was to be part of an underground world where the sun doesn't shine, there are no serenades, and the sound of children's laughter is never, ever heard.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“And somewhere inside me I felt an awful feeling that something in my life was coming quietly to an end.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“He loved me and I would rather have him become one with me than disappear from my life. Then I'd never have to be away from him ever again. He said I was important to him. So why did he leave me? How could he leave me?”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

“All I could do was escape from reality, but every time I tried to escape from the pain, that same pain told me that I had probably been falling in love with him.”
― Hitomi Kanehara, quote from Snakes and Earrings

About the author

Hitomi Kanehara
Born place: in Tokyo, Japan
Born date August 8, 1983
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