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“Cause you know, we live in different time, me in your yesterday, you in my tomorrow.”
― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”
― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

“Yesterday you loved me. Today you’ll love me again.”
― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

“You don't deserve to see daisies wither.”
― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

Your name is Do Kyungsoo. You have short-term memory loss, antesomething amnesia, so you won’t remember what happened last night. But let me help you out.

Last night I put my head on this pillow and my arms around your waist. My name’s Kim Jongin. I call you hyung. Yesterday you loved me. Today you’ll love me again.

This is where you undressed me.

This is where I undressed you.

And here I pushed you up against the wall and kissed you really hard (approximately, it was kind of dark) and we thought we should have sex.

Here you sat, dangling your legs. I put my palm on your kneecap and you bent forward and kissed me first.

We talked about ballet. You hummed a tune and my fingers did an arabresque here, grand jeté onto the floor, fouetté en tourant and then sissonne on the back of your hand. Pas de valse fast up your arm and you smiled.

I leaned on this and read your green sticky notes while you went around cleaning up invisible messes. It came to me that all the green looks like grass, and grass is boring without daisies. So I hope you like yellow?

And here’s Kim Jongin. Say hello to me?

― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

“It’s funny because my life is full of this:

you think you’re escaping, until you run into yourself.

Twenty-three years later it turns out that the longest way round is the shortest way home,

and I’ve been running in circles since the get-go.

What a riot, huh?”
― quote from Anterograde Tomorrow

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