Quotes from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

Dan Abnett ·  304 pages

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“Rebuild your world, rebuild your race, rebuild your empire. Rebuild it all. But make sure you rebuild your ideals too. Rebuild the principles that made you a great and honorable galactic power in the first place. Don't prey on the weak. Don't steal from the helpless. Don't murder the innocent. Be a force for good, not a force for yourself.”
― Dan Abnett, quote from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

“That’s what I love about people. They have dreams and grand ambitions, and they start building towards them, even though they know they won’t live to see them finished. That’s how the pyramids were built.”
― Dan Abnett, quote from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

“Do I look evil? I can't do evil. I can barely pull off dangerous.”
― Dan Abnett, quote from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

“I have no idea, but I intend to retain a cautiously positive approach to the situation.”
― Dan Abnett, quote from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

“He realized that, despite the dangers and alarms of the day, waiting was perhaps the worst thing of all.”
― Dan Abnett, quote from Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

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Dan Abnett
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