Quotes from Separation of Power

Vince Flynn ·  448 pages

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“Americans had grown soft with all of their rights and personal freedom. They had no idea how harsh the rest of the world was.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Separation of Power

“run. Never look back, and avoid the whole mess. Let”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Separation of Power

“slightest touch or movement brought on nausea”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Separation of Power

“Clark sighed and shook his head at the tedious road ahead. Information, that’s what this whole mess was about. Knowledge truly was power, and men like Ellis understood that Clark could help give them the knowledge they needed to grow their billions and protect their kingdoms. Even over the roar of the surf Clark heard Ellis enter the house. Clark and Ellis shared a thirst for power and that was about it. Where Clark was calm and discerning, Ellis was volatile and brash. The man had a way of wearing people out through frontal assault after frontal assault. Nothing tricky, no feints, he just hammered you into submission. Clark found it all very interesting. He was a true tactician, and often relished outmaneuvering people like Ellis, but tonight, in the warm Caribbean air he would prefer drinks, some light fare and the smooth skin of a young woman flown in from Miami.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Separation of Power

“Americans had grown soft with all of their rights and personal freedom.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Separation of Power

About the author

Vince Flynn
Born place: in St. Paul, Minnesota, The United States
Born date April 6, 1966
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