9+ quotes from Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig

Quotes from Rhett Butler's People

Donald McCaig ·  500 pages

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“More often than we care to admit, inconsequential decisions change our lives.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“I'm afraid, Belle, that being a lady is more than proper clothes. It is an attitude. From your...experience, you may know more of business and politics than ladies are supposed to know. Gentlemen are pleased to think ladies are ornamental, and it is an ill-advised ornament who contradicts her gentleman.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“You see, sister, little Miss Scarlett has no idea who she is. Her chraming tricks attract men who are unworthy of her. "Rhett's voice dropped to a whisper. "Hindoos believe we have had lives before this. Is it true? He raised a mocking eyebrow. Perhaps Scarlett and I were star-crossed lovers; perhaps we died in each other's arms...”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“He said, 'Life has hurt us again.'
A worse hurt than those hurts we have already endured?'
No,' he said, 'I suppose not.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“Rosemary, in his heart your brother is a lover. The shrewd businessman, the adventurer, the dandy are but costumes the lover wears. ”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“Patriotic'? Dear, dear me!" Scarlett covered her mouth in mock astonishment. "I didn't know that was 'patriotism.' I believe what you intended has ruder names, though no well-bred Georgia lady would admit to knowing them.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“Frederick Ward thought novels immoral and had been known to leave the room rather than subject himself to "bohemian" opinions.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“Do you believe your gentle birth will turn a bullet?"
"Why, yes," Rhett said solemnly. "Hell yes! Gentle birth's got to be good for something!”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

“I never saw a sky so blue. Rhett, it's worth living a man's whole life, if, just once, just one time, he gets to see a sky that blue.”
― Donald McCaig, quote from Rhett Butler's People

About the author

Donald McCaig
Born place: in Butte, Montana, The United States
Born date January 1, 1940
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