Quotes from Raging Star

Moira Young ·  432 pages

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“How did you find me? The heartstone? he says.
I look into his eyes. His silver moonlight eyes. The still calmwater heart of him.
I don’t need no stone to find you. I’d find you anywhere, I says.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“Some things are jest too big to fergive.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“Sometimes the strong give birth to the weak. An sometimes the weak grow to be strong”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“I push him off, sit up an start puttin my clothes to rights. He's made a heroic effort to undress me.
You work fast, I says.
Yer a moving target, I hafts. Here, he says, lemme help.
I button, he unbuttons. I tuck, he untucks.
I slap his hand. I'll do it myself, I says.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“You have a rare fire within you. The power to change things. The courage to act in the service of something greater than yourself.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“Who am I?
What do I believe?
Never lose sight of what I believe in. Never, no matter what happens.
What one person does affects all of us.
We're all bound together. We're all threads in a single garment of destiny.
I make my destiny myself.
By the choices I make.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“We have a destiny, he says. Together, Saba. We're born to command, not obey.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“Jack took a shot through the seat of his pants. He tells me next time I hold a target shoot he ain't available....

Listen, Saba. We came, we had a look, there ain't nuthin here. But, hey. It ain't bin a complete waste of time. I got my butt shot. You must be pleased about that.
I'm sure you deserve it fer somethin, I says.
Oh, I most certainly do, he says.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“Molly an Slim an Mercy perch, uncomfortable, on barrels and whatnot. They're tryin to eat, but without much success.
Emmi's in the grip of giddy excitement. She jigs an hops all around 'em, with her tongue goin clickety clack.
They smile an nod. The fools. They don't know not to give her encouragement. They'll be trapped now till she tires or death takes 'em.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

“His Chosen Ones. What a lie. They're slaves too. You jest cain't see their chains.”
― Moira Young, quote from Raging Star

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