Quotes from Plum Island

Nelson DeMille ·  592 pages

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“A lot of our perception of history is influenced by inaccurate movies.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“Everyone looked pensive, which is good cover-up for clueless.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“I don't like mysteries, which is why I want to solve them. It bothers me that there are things I don't know.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“The air was so thick with testosterone that the wallpaper was getting soggy.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“As with real estate, what matters with bullet holes is location, location, location.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“Anyway, I’m getting really intolerant of liars, fools, blowhards, and power freaks.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“Don’t buy anything. My philosophy is, if it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“I read about a John Shelby of Thackham, England, who in 1672 was thrown from his horse into a thicket where he found an iron pot containing more than five hundred gold coins. According to the treasure trove laws of England, all hidden or lost property belonged to the Crown. However, Shelby refused to give the gold to the king’s officers, and he was arrested, tried for treason, and beheaded. This was probably a favorite story of the IRS.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“As we say, if your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

“I thought again of how Tobin had already killed five good people and was about to be the cause of two more dying. I couldn’t believe that this little turd had actually caused all this death and misery. The only explanation I had for it was that short people with beady eyes and big appetites were ruthless and dangerous.”
― Nelson DeMille, quote from Plum Island

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Nelson DeMille
Born place: New York, NY, The United States
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