5+ quotes from Party Princess by Meg Cabot

Quotes from Party Princess

Meg Cabot ·  306 pages

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“It just goes to show that what one person considers a "bad attitude" might actually just be total frustration over being pushed beyond the brink of one's mental and physical endurance.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Party Princess

“But I guess that's just a reflection of how the educational system today, being so overcrowded and impersonal, makes it so hard for adolescents to break through the preconceived notions of one another, and get to know the real person underneath the label they're given, be it Princess, Brainiac, Drama Geek, Jock, Cheerleader, or Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in the Chili.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Party Princess

“Inte konstigt att farfar fick en hjärtattack i sängen och dog. Antagligen vände han sig om en morgon och tog sig en ordentlig titt på sin fru.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Party Princess

“Her name is Feather. Feather is apparently very famous for choreographing several hit Broadway shows. She also must be pretty hard up for cash if she’d agree to choreograph a snoozer like Braid! But whatever.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Party Princess

“I understand you love him and UR down/ But that don't mean you gotta be his clown.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Party Princess

About the author

Meg Cabot
Born place: in Bloomington, Indiana, The United States
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