Quotes from Not Your Sidekick

C.B. Lee ·  283 pages

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“The only time she's come close to being "known" was when she accidentally came out as bisexual during sophomore English class while talking about her favorite poem.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“We can't just sit on our asses and not live our lives while we're trying to expose a corrupt government.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“You love me," Abby says, smiling.
Jess leans forward. "Yeah, I really do. This isn't our Romeo and Juliet moment. You're going to be okay. No one is dying.
"No, it's the end. I want a goodbye kiss.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“should tell you, the job description was super-vague and that I am probably not at all qualified to do any technical stuff. I made something explode in chemistry last year.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“She's given up trying to stand out.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“The Smashmobile is driver-operated, and she’s qualified to drive it, but only in case of emergency. Claudia”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“It's old-school to write by hand, but Jess likes the way the words blossom under her fingertips [. . .] These scribblings and imaginings are for no one else.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“Jess is painfully aware of how young she is. Her shirtsleeves don't quite extend to her wrists; after a growth spurt last summer, her debate clothes don't fit as well as she thought. She feels as if she's playing dress-up.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“She looks great in that skirt. Her butt is so cute.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“Maybe Jess was caught up with these ridiculous, impossible ideas because it meant she never had to try for something real.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“What's the best way to say because it's too embarrassing to talk to a crush about sex and read an explicit thing they wrote while they're right there?”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

“Jess is too big for her skin, as if she might float away in the exhilarating possibility of the moment.”
― C.B. Lee, quote from Not Your Sidekick

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