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Kelley Armstrong ·  505 pages

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“I didn't need to be rescued."
"Sorry, but my sword outranks your…" she glanced at my hand, "sock puppet.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“This is the first adventure I’ve survived without being kidnapped, attacked, knocked unconscious or possessed by evil spirits. A ripped blouse? Ruined skirt? Bad hair? I’d call this progress. ~Jaime Vegas”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“Let’s just say that being able to contact ghosts makes for some very interesting ménages á trios… and ménages á quartre, and ménages á … whatever five is in French. ~Jaime Vegas”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“I saw my true power. The darkest power. The greatest power. ~Jaime Vegas”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“Headache, hmm?" His expression went serious. "Do you know what's the best cure for that?"



He said it so matter-of-factly I had to sputter a laugh.

"Multiple, if possible," he continued. "It's a proven medical fact that one physiologic event, like orgasm, can cancel out the effects of another physiological process, such as a headache."

His expression was perfectly serious, but I said, "You're full of shit."

"Perhaps. If so, you should call my bluff. Just open the door and we'll test it out.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“Good night, Jeremy," I said, and closed the door.

I stepped away, reached back and started unzipping my dress.

He pressed his hands to the glass. I could read his lips. "That's not fair."

I smiled and finished unzipping. The dress slid off my shoulders, but stayed there. I looked at him, his gaze fixed on me, eyes dark with lust.

"You wouldn't dare," he mouthed.

I turned, then let it fall off the rest of the way. And, once off, there was nothing else to remove.


I heard him though the glass, heard him say my name in a deep growl that made me shiver, but I didn't turn around, just lifted my fingers to wave over my shoulder, then strolled into the bathroom for a very long, very cold shower.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“What the hell is that?"

I jumped and glanced over to see Kristof staring at Grady, who was waving his arms, rolling his eyes, shaking and moaning.

"I think he's possessed," I said.

"By what? Epilepsy?”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved

“Suburbia: a place where they cut down trees and name streets in their memory.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from No Humans Involved


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