Quotes from Maid for Love

Marie Force ·  236 pages

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“This is love. Finally, he understood. This was what made sane men into fools.”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“You hear about people waiting too long to retire, then one of ’em gets sick. . .”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“The whole town is talking about you sleeping with her. I won’t have it.” Mac laughed,”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“And I’m not just saying that”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“bike. “Got the old girl out of”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“said softly, framing his son’s face”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“He’s bossy and pushy and—” “Totally smitten,”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

“He’d fallen in love with a woman”
― Marie Force, quote from Maid for Love

About the author

Marie Force
Born place: in The United States
Born date June 10, 1966
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