Quotes from Knife Edge

Malorie Blackman ·  364 pages

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“Because my mum and dad brought me up to believe that people are different but equal. And that I should treat everyone, no matter who, with the same respect I'd like to be shown.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“When did we stop being people, being human?”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“Never, ever allow yourself to feel. Feelings kill.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“I suppose it doesn't occur to you that I can think the system just as unjust as you do.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“Jude's rule number five: Never get to close to anyone or anything that you can't walk away at a moment's notice if you have to.
When you have to.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“The media called us ruthless terrorists. We're not. We're just fighting for what's right. Being born a nought shouldn't automatically slam shut myriad doors before you've even drawn your first breath.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“One of us...
One of them...
One of us...
One of them...
A rhythm playing like train wheels on a circular track -- never ending but going nowhere.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“And round and round and round. Why couldn't I get past the letter? Like poison id had seeped into every image and every memory I kept of Callum, polluting them until I couldn't tell which was real and what was just wishful thinking any more. Until at last, I was forced to face the inescapable fact that, for whatever reason, Callum had written the letter.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“Jude's fourth law: Caring equals vulnerability. Never show either.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“And just like that, I'd been assessed and judged. Nurse Fashoda didn't know the first thing about me but she'd taken one look at my face and now she reckoned she knew my whole life story -- what had gone before and what was yet to come.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“How dare you both sit there and criticize and condemn me?”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“He loved to draw. Animals pouncing mostly. And trees. Always lone trees in black landscapes.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“There are no such things as friends. Just acquaintances who haven't let you down yet.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“My rear end was blood-raw from my so called brilliant ideas rebounding on me.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

“He thought astrology was a load of bosh! Didn't believe in stars and planets telling his fortune or anyone else's.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Knife Edge

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Malorie Blackman
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date February 8, 2018
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