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9+ quotes from Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Quotes from Kindling the Moon

Jenn Bennett ·  358 pages

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“Arcadia,” Lon’s voice said from my phone. “Who is this?” I teased.
“You can’t take my son on a date.” “I didn’t ask him. He asked me.” “He stole my cell and called without permission.” “Sounds like a personal problem to me.” A low growling noise came out of the phone.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“I stumbled through the dark underbrush again crying out as I plunged through a thick spiderweb. My arms frantically brushed away the clinging web as irrational fear made me batshit-crazy for a moment. Scared of a damn spider when a bloodthirsty demon was chasing me down. Ridiculous.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“Turn left in two hundred feet ” the computerized voice said in a cheery voice. “There is no turn in two hundred feet you bitch ” I yelled toward the screen. “Zoom out.” Nothing happened. “ZOOM. OUT ” I said again louder before the screen responded to the voice-activated command.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“He gathered me closer, kissed my neck, then spoke in a low voice next to my ear. “I figure, see, if you find yourself getting more attached to the two of us than you planned, maybe you won’t think about picking up and leaving to start another life somewhere else.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“Oh! Do you have a pocketknife?"
He narrowed his eyes at me. "Pocketknife?"
"Don't men your age always have pocketknives?" I asked in a high-pitched voice.
"My age? I'm not a fucking grandfather," he snapped.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“It wasn’t the first time I’d run across sex spells: they
were just as common as electricity-kindled spells. They just
aren’t convenient for your average on-the-go magical
“Do all the memory spells require that?” I asked.
“I don’t think so. I just noticed it on the last couple of
retrieval ones.”
“Uh, maybe I could just get myself, you know, privately
…?” I suggested. I regretted it immediately, and felt my face
flush with warmth. What the hell was I going to do? Ask Lon
if he had any porn I could borrow and hole up in his library’s
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“Maybe it involved a woman. Oh, maybe even a nun—ooh! Wouldn’t that be scandalous?” “Indeed, but no.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“You trusted me.'
'You drugged me!'
He grinned. 'Yeah, I did.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

“So..."he whispered huskily in my ear, "we've discovered that you can arouse me." He demonstrated this fact by pressing harder against me, just in case I'd forgotten. "However, we don't know about you. And there is the small matter of Heka.”
― Jenn Bennett, quote from Kindling the Moon

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