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6+ quotes from Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati

Quotes from Into the Wilderness

Sara Donati ·  876 pages

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“Elizabeth Middleton, twenty-nine years old and unmarried, overly educated and excessively rational, knowing right from wrong and fancy from fact, woke in a nest of marten and fox pelts to the sight of an eagle circling overhead, and saw at once that it could not be far to Paradise.”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

“She wore her determination like war paint.”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

“subject for discussion. What terrible messes we get ourselves into when we are silly enough to fall in love,”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

“Very slowly Elizabeth leaned forward until her forehead rested on his shoulder, shuddering with pleasure and relief at the feel of him, at his smell.”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

“Little girls are kept away from the things that would make them strong, in the name of protection and propriety.”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

“The thrill of telling her true feelings without considering good manners or the propriety of what she had to say was intoxicating.”
― Sara Donati, quote from Into the Wilderness

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Sara Donati
Born place: Chicago, The United States
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“He nodded, picking my hand up in his, bringing it to his mouth. His eyes locked on mine in the dark, and he put his lips to the back of my hand. He kissed the spot just behind my knuckles. He smoothed his thumb over the spot. He singled out a finger and pulled it in his mouth again and chewed. The rattling of my spine, shaking of my fingers and crazy spinning of my heart returned. Nathan kissed my hand. That meant something. Tingling radiated the area he kissed. A surge of worry swept over me as I realized I may have made a terrible mistake. Victor might be okay with us sleeping in the same bed, but what would he think if Nathan started kissing me? And why did I have the crazy urge to let him if he tried?”
― C.L. Stone, quote from Forgiveness and Permission

“We don’t even survive in the memories of the living. Science has destroyed that myth. Whenever we remember something, what we’re doing is remembering the last time we remembered it; our memory doesn’t go back to the original notch, the first one was cut, but to the last one. Human memory is virtual, like that of a computer. When we open a file we’re not opening it as it was when we first created it, but as it was the last time we used it. It is called hypercathexis and is our brain’s most sophisticated recourse when it comes to confronting pain.”
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“If everything that represents who I am is gone, then what’s left of me?” “Everything,”
― Amanda Maxlyn, quote from What's Left of Me

“His voice was like ice, cold and unforgiving, which was like hearing a different Draven altogether. Here he wasn't my Draven, soft and gentle. NO, here he was the Master, here he was the one in control... here, he was a God!”
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“I suppose you could present my life as a happy tale if you ended it in the right place.”
― Fuminori Nakamura, quote from Evil and the Mask

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