5+ quotes from Gazing Into the Eternal by Belzebuub

Quotes from Gazing Into the Eternal

Belzebuub ·  208 pages

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“My kind of a day is when I wake up and walk in this peaceful awareness, When I can perceive beautiful aromas coming in from the window, When there is a beautiful fragrance like the one of incense.”
― Belzebuub, quote from Gazing Into the Eternal

“The external world is passing in time. The spirit is beyond time. The trouble is that we can’t see internal things as easily as we can see the external.”
― Belzebuub, quote from Gazing Into the Eternal

“It’s in our own interests to look at eternity. Looking at eternity brings us back to ourselves, makes us face ourselves—and what do we see? We see something mortal, we see our ideas, we see our thoughts, we see our attitudes, we see what we want, what we remember—all of this is in time. All of this is going to be taken away; it’s going to vanish, that’s inevitable.”
― Belzebuub, quote from Gazing Into the Eternal

“The planets, the stars, everything has an end, and so we’re asking is there something beyond time, something beyond the physical world, something that we can’t see, we can’t perceive with the five senses?”
― Belzebuub, quote from Gazing Into the Eternal

“If you’re thinking that you’ll just dabble in these things, then you’ll never really understand them—you’ll never really penetrate into the mysteries of life and death. To do this requires full attention upon the goal. It requires one’s whole life, one’s whole existence to be put toward it, sincerely, fully, wholly.”
― Belzebuub, quote from Gazing Into the Eternal

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