19+ quotes from Forgiven by Karen Kingsbury

Quotes from Forgiven

Karen Kingsbury ·  358 pages

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“But the girl had captured his heart and mind and soul.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“But God had showed her where she needed to be, and the answer was clearer than water.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“If I’ve learned anything from God, it’s that God still works miracles.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“God was beyond faithful, always, all the time.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“With Ashley it had never been her poor choices as a young adult that made things hardest for all of them. It had been the way she cut herself off from the family, believing herself to be the black sheep.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“She was backing out when she stopped and gazed into the gray sky. “God . . . use me.” It was a prayer she uttered often now that she understood life better. God had a purpose for everything, and on this day—as difficult as it would be—He would have a reason for her being there.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“Justice and grace were hard concepts for anyone, especially for a person young in her faith.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“God, this one is Yours, too, no matter what he’s done. Show him the way to forgiveness. Please.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“Irvel showed me that I wouldn’t be happy until I found that kind of forever love.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“That’s real love. Living in the moment, knowing that even if you only have today together, that would be enough.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“In every way that mattered, he was still married. There was no room in his heart for someone new, no matter how kind or enjoyable she was to be with.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“Sometimes when Katy prayed, she could almost hear God’s answer—the quiet, still resonance of a Scripture deep in her heart or silent words of wisdom spoken by her parents or the Flanigans.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“If you have feelings for someone, you’re better off to tell them. That way . . . if tomorrow doesn’t come, there are no regrets to sort through, no question marks.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“Katy had her Bible out. She wanted to read from 2 Corinthians, the first chapter, where the Christians were told that the sufferings of Christ would overflow into their lives as surely as the comfort would.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“That sometimes on the journey to being a grown-up, something would happen that would advance the trip a whole year in a single day.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“The Bible says God’s mercies are new every morning. That’s what we have to hang on to if we’re going to stay strong together,”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“Love is for people who share the same faith most of all. The same goals and dreams and futures.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“The circle shifted around them, and by the time they were done praying, Katy had the strangest sense: not that everything would be fine any time soon but that God would use the tragic loss of Ben Hanover and Sarah Jo Stryker to build something stronger and better out of CKT.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

“It was a high note they could take away even if many of them would cry themselves to sleep tonight.”
― Karen Kingsbury, quote from Forgiven

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