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“I do not want to date you."
He groaned. "Liv. You've got to be kidding me. I picked up my whole life, drove halfway across the country, and you've changed your mind? It's only been fifteen days since you told me you still love me!"
"Shut up, will you? Will you please just shut up and kiss me again, you big idiot?" With both hands on his face, she molded her lips to his as her heart did a happy dance in her chest. Between kisses, she said, "I want to live with you and marry you and have a family with you and share your life--all the things you said you wanted from me before I ruined it. So no, I will not date you.”
― Marie Force, quote from Everyone Loves a Hero

“Olivia," he sighed as he held her tight against him. "I like the way you leap."

For once her laughter was free and easy. "And I like the way you catch me when I land.”
― Marie Force, quote from Everyone Loves a Hero

“We make a pretty good team, huh?"
"The best. In fact, I was planning to do this when we got back to the Fairmont, but suddenly I don't want to wait."
"For what?"
Reaching into the pocket of his black pinstripe suit coat, he retrieved a huge square-cut diamond ring and slid it onto her left hand. "What do you say we make this partnership official?"
Tears flooded her eyes. "Do you promise to love me forever?"
His blue eyes went dark with desire and love as he nodded. "Forever and ever."
"Pinky swear?"
He smiled and wrapped his little finger around hers. "Pinky swear"
She leaned in to kiss him. "Then you've got yourself a deal.”
― Marie Force, quote from Everyone Loves a Hero

“There was another reason why I wasn't ready to tell you all this that night in the airport."
"What other reason?"
"Guess what today is?"
"Um, Tuesday?"
"Even better. It comes around once every four years. Last day of February? Ringing any bells?" He let that settle for a long moment before he curled his face into the half grin she loved so much. "It's leap day, baby.”
― Marie Force, quote from Everyone Loves a Hero

“poster of San Francisco. The image of the Golden Gate Bridge with Alcatraz off in the distance was one of her favorites. If she could visit one place in the world, that’s where she would go.”
― Marie Force, quote from Everyone Loves a Hero

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Marie Force
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Born date June 10, 1966
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