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6+ quotes from Dirty Havana Trilogy by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez

Quotes from Dirty Havana Trilogy

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez ·  392 pages

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“Life isn't long enough to enjoy and understand all at the same time. You have to decide which is more important”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

“It's dizzying to think how huge the world is, or to realize how tiny you are”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

“Cuba may be the only place in the world where you can be yourself and more than yourself at the same time”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

“A man's allowed to make lots of small mistakes, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if the mistakes are big ones and they weigh him down, his only solution is to stop taking himself seriously. It's the only way to avoid suffering - suffering, prolonged, can be fatal.”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

“Όταν της τον έβγαλα ήταν πασαλειμμένος με σκατά κι εκείνη αηδίασε. Εγώ όχι. Εγώ είχα πάντα σε εγρήγορση τον κυνισμό, δεν κοιμόταν ποτέ. Το θέμα είναι ότι το σεξ δεν είναι για ανθρώπους με αναστολές. Το σεξ είναι ανταλλαγή υγρών, ρευστών, σάλιου, ανάσας και δυνατών μυρωδιών, ούρων, σπέρματος, σκατών, ιδρώτα, μικροβίων, βακτηρίων. Αλλιώς δεν είναι. Εάν είναι μόνο τρυφερότητα και αιθέρια πνευματικότητα, τότε περιορίζεται σε μια στείρα παρωδία του τι θα μπορούσε να είναι. Τίποτα.”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

“Gosto de ser belicoso, como bom filho de Ogum. Quando me virem tranquilo, é que já estou apodrecendo.”
― Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, quote from Dirty Havana Trilogy

About the author

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez
Born place: in Matanzas, Cuba
Born date January 27, 1950
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