6+ quotes from Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward

Quotes from Demon Kissed

H.M. Ward ·  496 pages

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“I had severe control freak tendencies, and when I had no control—I freaked out.”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed

“Sometimes it’s better to hold onto what you have, rather than risk what might be.”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed

“Love doesn't come along too often. Believe me, I know. When it does, only the foolish let it fade. Even if it is him.”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed

“I've tired so hard to stay away from you, buy your soul is so powerful. It can't be ignored. It calls to me. It's like trying to resist every lust you've ever suffered - all at once. I feel that every time I see you.”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed

“What is that?"..."Why do you smell like that?"...

"Smell like what?"
"You smell delicious."..."You smell like food. Why do you smell like food?”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed

“She was an Angel craving Chaos...
He was a demon seeking Peace...”
― H.M. Ward, quote from Demon Kissed


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H.M. Ward
Born place: The United States
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“Hai ancora tempo.”
“Tempo per cosa?”
Tom tossì ancora, poi rispose. “Ascoltami, Jimmy. Un giorno sarai un vecchio bastardo come me, ti pentirai di parecchie cose, e non potrai fare nulla per cambiarle. Non aspettare. Se hai qualcosa da sistemare nella vita, devi farlo ora, finché puoi.”
Cercando di ignorare la fitta al petto, Jimmy scosse la testa: “Io sto bene. È che divento irrequieto. Non riesco a stare in un posto troppo a lungo prima che mi venga il desiderio di andarmene e mettermi in viaggio. Non c’è nulla di male.”
Tom emise una risata strozzata: “Non c’è nulla di male fintanto che sei felice. Sei felice?”
Jimmy non rispose.”
― Kim Fielding, quote from Rattlesnake

“Someone try to hurt you, sure they doin’ wrong. But when they attack you, they are sending energy your way. Strong energy. And that energy belongs to you. You have every right to use it for your own purposes.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Line

“Let men cultivate the moral affections, lead manly independent lives; let them make riches the means and not the end of existence, and we shall hear no more of the commercial spirit. . . . This curious world which we inhabit is more wonderful than it is convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired and enjoyed than used.”
― Henry David Thoreau, quote from Walden and other writings

“In the months that followed my mother's death, I managed to look like a normal person. I walked the street; I answered my phone; I brushed my teeth; most of the time. But I was not OK. I was in grief. Nothing seemed important. Daily tasks were exhausting. Dishes piled in the sink, knives crusted with strawberry jam. At one point I did not wash my hair for ten days. I felt that I had abruptly arrived at a terrible, insistent truth about the impermanence of everyday.”
― Meghan O'Rourke, quote from The Long Goodbye

Let no rough waters rend apart
Two who have become one heart.
For love's no love that can't withstand
A rogue wave breaking on the sand.

― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

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