Quotes from Dance of Death

Douglas Preston ·  560 pages

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“Do what? Kill me? Then my blood would be on your hands—more than it already is—as well as that of your four dear friends. Because you, frater, are responsible for all this. You know it. You made me what I am.” “I made you nothing.” “Well said! Well said!” A dry, almost desiccated laugh came over the tiny speaker. Listening,”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“Human beings are disgustingly predictable, and this is as true of psychopaths as it is of grandmothers.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“nothing is impossible. you just need to learn how to bend the rules.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“Resistance would be futile, and futility itself was, of course, to be resisted.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“anyway, the money was great, but the corporate world just wasn't to my liking. i guess i'm not a team player--or an ass-kisser.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

“You could tell a lot about a person by meeting his brother.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from Dance of Death

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Douglas Preston
Born place: in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States
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