27+ quotes from Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Quotes from Crown of Midnight

Sarah J. Maas ·  418 pages

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“I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Why are you crying?"
"Because," she whispered, her voice shaking, "you remind me of what the world ought to be. What the world can be.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“The rest of the world quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realised she was home.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“The best lies were always mixed with truth.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“What does that mean?" he demanded.
She smiled sadly. "You'll figure it out. And when you do..." She shook her head, knowing she shouldn't say it, but doing it anyway. "When you do, I want you to remember that it wouldn't have made any difference to me. It's never made any difference to me when it came to you. I’d still pick you. I’ll always pick you.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Who said anything about shame?" She gestured down to her naked body, even though it was covered by the blanket. "Honestly, I'm surprised you're not strutting about, boasting to everyone. I certainly would be if I'd tumbled me.
"Does your love for yourself know no bounds?"
"Absolutely none.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Some things you hear with your ears. Others, you hear with your heart.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“I don't think you realize who you're dealing with."

The man clicked his tongue, "If you were that good, you would be more than just Captain of the Guard."

Chaol let out a low, breathy laugh. "I wasn't talking about me."

"She's just one girl."

Though his guts were twisting at the thought of her in this place, with these people, though he was considering every possible way to get himself and Celaena out of here alive, he gave the man a grin.

"Then you're really in for a big surprise.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Then Celaena and the King of Adarlan smiled at each other, and it was the most terrifying thing Dorian had ever seen.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“It was like coming home or being born or suddenly finding an entire half of herself that had been missing.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Celaena was the lost Queen of Terrasen.
Chaol sank to his knees.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Dance with me, Celaena," he said again, his voice rough. When her eyes met his she forgot about the cold, and the moon, and the glass palace looming above them. The secret library and the king's plans and Mort and Elena faded into nothing. She took his hand and there was only the music and Chaol.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Enough! We have enough enemies as it is! There are worse things out there to face!"

Celaena slowly turned to him, her face splattered with blood and eyes blazing bright. "No, there aren't," she said. "Because I'm here now.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“If they wanted Adarlan's Assassin, they'd get her.

And Wyrd help them when she arrived.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“There had never been any line between them, only his own stupid fear and pride. Because from the moment he'd pulled her out of that mine in Endovier and she had set those eyes upon him, still fierce despite a year in hell, he'd been walking toward this, walking to her. So Chaol brushed away her tears, lifter her chin, and kissed her.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Because she wasn't human, Chaol realized, gaping at her from where he still crouched over Fleetfoot.
No - she wasn't human at all.
Celaena was Fae.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Roland gave her a courtier’s smile. “And what sort of work do you do for my uncle?

Dorian shifted on his feet and Chaol went very still, but Celaena returned Roland’s smile and said, “I bury the king’s opponents where nobody will ever find them.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“And because she was young, and so damn clever and amusing and wonderful, wherever she made her home, there would be some man who would fall in love with her and who would make her his wife, and that would be the worst truth of all. It had snuck up on him, this pain and terror and rage at the thought of anyone else with her. Every look, every word from her... he didn't even know when it had started.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“He would move on. Because he would not be like the ancient kings in the song and keep her for himself. She deserved a loyal, brave knight who saw her for what she was and did not fear her. And he deserved someone who would look at him like that, even if the love wouldn't be the same, even if the girl wouldn't be her.

So Dorian closed his eyes, and took another long breath. And when he opened his eyes, he let her go.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“You love your country," she said. "I can't let you give all that up." He caught a glimmer of pain and hope in her eyes, and before he knew what he was doing , he'd closed the distance between them, one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder.

"I'd be the greatest fool in the world to let you go alone.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“Celaena Sardothien wasn’t in league with Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.

Celaena Sardothien was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terranes.

Celaena was Aelin Galathynius, the greatest living threat to Adarlan, the one person who could raise an army capable of standing against the king. Now, she was also the one person who knew the secret source of the king’s power—and who sought a way to destroy it.

And he had just sent her into the arms of her strongest potential allies: to the homeland of her mother, the kingdom of her cousin, and the domain of her aunt, Queen Maeve of the Fae.

Celaena was the lost Queen of Terrasen.

Chaol sank to his knees.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“She won't understand. And when she goes over the edge, there will be nothing to pull her back."

"She will find her way back. She always does."

Tears formed, but the princess blinked them away. "For all our sakes, I hope you're right.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“In every way that counted, I failed him.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“But he had no idea what sort of darkness lurked inside her, or what sort of monster she was willing to become in order to make things right.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“He wouldn't let his servants change the sheets on his bed because they still smelled like her, because he went to sleep dreaming that she was still lying beside him.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“And then," Ress was saying, his boyish face set with fiendish delight, "just as he got her into bed, stark naked as the day he was born, her father walked in"- winces and groans came from the guards, even Chaol himself-"and he dragged him out of bed by his feet, took him down the hall, and dumped him down the stairs. He was shrieking like a pig the whole time."

Chaol leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms. "You would be, too, if someone were dragging your naked carcass across the ice-cold floor." He smirked as Ress tried to deny it. Chaol seemed so comfortable with the men, his body relaxed, eyes alight. And they respected him, too-always glancing at him for approval, for confirmation, for support. As Celaena's chuckle faded, Chaol looked at her, his brows high.

"You're one to laugh. You moan about the cold floor more than anyone else than I know."

She straightened as the guards gave hesitant smiles. "If I recall correctly, you complain about every time I wipe the floor with you when we spar."

"Oho!" Ress cried, and Chaol's brows rose higher. Celaena gave him a grin.

"Dangerous words," Chaol said. "Do we need to go to the training hall to see if you can back them up?"

"Well, as long as your men don't object to seeing you knocked on your ass."

"We certainly do not object to that," Ress crowed. Chaol shot him a look, more amused than warning.

Ress quickly added, "Captain.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

“I'm happy for you, my friend."

Celaena smiled back. "I think... I think I'm happy for me, too."

And she was. For the first time in years, she was truly happy.”
― Sarah J. Maas, quote from Crown of Midnight

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