Quotes from Cast in Fury

Michelle Sagara ·  416 pages

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“Is there anyone’s life story you don’t want to know?”

“Not really.” His expression was unexpectedly serious. “Because people make a story of their lives.
Gains, losses, tragedy and triumph—you can tell a lot about someone simply by what they put into each
category. You can learn a lot about what you put into each category by your reaction to them. They
teach you about yourself without ever intending to do it—and they teach you a lot about life.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“No...if the world demanded their deaths in return for safety, she would have watched it burn.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“And I’ll stop with the lecture now. I don’t like people much—they irritate and annoy me. But I’m
fascinated by them anyway.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“I don’t like people much—they irritate and annoy me. But I’m fascinated by them anyway.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“They feared you, and love can’t exist when there’s that much fear.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“But she only knew one way of conquering fear, and that was to charge into it, blindly.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“The children watch,' she added softly. As if the children were the keepers of all conscience. And maybe, Kaylin thought, just maybe, they were a good keeper. To protect your children, you struggled with your anger, mastered it. Your struggled to explain away your fear, or theirs. There probably wasn't all that much difference, in the end. You worked hard to be worthy of the trust they so carelessly - and completely - placed in you.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“complaining about life’s little miseries was one of the few conversational luxuries people were allowed, and at the moment, Kaylin couldn’t put herself behind complaint.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

“They’re humanity writ small, and many of them haven’t learned how to hide, how to pretend to know things they don’t know, how to doubt the things they want to believe in.”
― Michelle Sagara, quote from Cast in Fury

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Michelle Sagara
Born date January 1, 1963
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