6+ quotes from Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn

Quotes from Blood Destiny

Tessa Dawn ·  368 pages

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“I don't know that I understand the
human concept of jealousy. I'm not afraid of any other male taking you from me because no man who ever tried such a thing would live. But yes I hold what is mine close to me.”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny

“I'll tell you what: How about no more suicide attempts; no more walking off with strangers; no more trying to fight vampires with silly, human weapons--silver bullets only work on werewolves, Jocelyn--and no more holding Nachari's hand. And we'll be just fine.”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny

“He has hazel eyes " Nachari remarked in astonishment.
He looked over at Jocelyn with approval.
"Yeah well " Marquis grumbled "we can toughen him up make up for that one little...feminine mishap."
Nachari feigned insult. "My eyes are green as well Marquis."
Marquis shrugged. "Yeah...and you became a wizard.”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny

“His mouth took ownership—teasing and tasting—even as his tongue began a slow torturous exploration. It was both a kiss and a claim. It was a promise of heated nights to come.... It was the stamp of his soul burning into hers and she knew from that moment forward that he had her...completely...irrevocably.He had been right all along: she had always belonged to him.”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny

“Sure she would want that again—tenderness compassion
slow erotic lovemaking—but not tonight. Tonight she wanted
to experience her transformation she wanted to test the limits of her new body to soar to new heights of pleasure.
She wanted her Alpha male.
And she wanted him now.”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny

“Nathaniel smiled a mischievous-looking grin. “Now that we have already…come to know each other so intimately…it is simply a matter of speaking it into being. Anytime within the next seventy-two hours, I can command your body to conceive, and it will be so.” Jocelyn abruptly sat up, turned to face him squarely, and gulped, her eyes wide with surprise. “You have that kind of power…over me? Over my body? With just your words?”
― Tessa Dawn, quote from Blood Destiny


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