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Mercedes Lackey ·  434 pages

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“One day,' Orest said, looking at him comically, 'you will say something that is less than practical and sensible, something that is driven by no forethought and nothing but passion, and I will probably collapse with shock.”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from Alta

“Truth and trust are the means by which civilization holds off barbarism.”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from Alta

“The dragonets found the carpenters to be even more fascinating than the furniture, and followed the poor men from pen to pen, crowding around to watch, tasting the wooden planks, trying to steal the tools. It made for an interesting day for everyone, as the boys tried to keep the dragonets away from the carpenters, and the dragonets tried to get at the carpenters, and the carpenters worked probably a great deal faster than they ever had in their lives, sure that the dragonets would go from tasting the wood to tasting them. ”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from Alta

“My parents can take themselves off on a scenic tour of hell before they tell me who my friends will be,” Gan said pleasantly.”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from Alta

“And truth and trust are the means by which civilization holds off barbarism. When those in power intend to abuse that power, they look to an outside enemy in order to trick their people into pressing the means to their own abuse into the hands of the abusers. If an enemy does not exist, it will be manufactured, and all manner of horrors attributed to it, so that anyone who demands truth and accountability is set upon as being unpatriotic. And so that, when someone said to be an enemy is found, there will be few questions asked about guilt or innocence, and many faces averted when he is taken away.”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from Alta

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Mercedes Lackey
Born place: in Chicago, Illinois, The United States
Born date June 24, 1950
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