7+ quotes from Against the Wall by Alexa Land

Quotes from Against the Wall

Alexa Land ·  448 pages

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“Friendship isn't measured in days, months or years, it's measured in the way someone makes you feel.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“All parents make mistakes. They’re only human, so all of us grow up with at least a few invisible scars. But maybe that’s okay, because the hard times are what make us strong enough to survive all the crap life throws at us down the road.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“What's life without perfectly certifiable friends?”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“Friendship isn't measured in days, months or years, it's measured in the way someone makes you feel. I knew you'd be a friend right from the start.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“Art, like life, is really just a matter of how you choose to look at things.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“We all die alone though, Shea. Even if we're surrounded by others, it's still a solo journey.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

“America took a drink from the tall glass in his hand, then spun around and took a few steps in my direction, cutting across the dance floor. In the next instant, his arms were flailing over his head and he fell like a tree that had been chopped down, tripping over God knows what and landing flat on his belly. Oh man, the poor guy was dance floor road kill. He knocked over at least ten people on his way down in a domino effect. The slippery ice that had flown out of his glass took out another dozen, most of them knocking down even more people as they fell. Chance was fairly nimble and managed to remain standing, but he was in the minority.”
― Alexa Land, quote from Against the Wall

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