Quotes from Whisper of Evil

Kay Hooper ·  392 pages

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“I'm not hovering. I just thought you might be interested in knowing that Nell's boss is here."
Max stopped typing. "Bishop?"
"What's he doing here?"
"Apparently just finished up another investigation in Chicago.""So what's he doing here?"
Ethan grinned. "I'm trying to make out whether you consider him a rival or just somebody who's going to
spirit Nell back to Virginia.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Whisper of Evil

“Yes, I also came home to settle my father's estate."
"Would you have come home if it hadn't also been your job?"
"I think you know the answer to that."
"You hated him, didn't you?"
Nell poured the coffee and pushed his cup across the counter to him so he could fix it the way he liked.
Matter-of-factly, she said, "Yes, I hated him. And I think it's a cosmic joke that I ended up with all his
― Kay Hooper, quote from Whisper of Evil

“She didn't. I hadn't seen or spoken to Hailey since I left Silence."
He frowned. "Then she made that stuff up?"
Nell sipped her coffee, then smiled. "She always made stuff up, Max. Didn't you know?"
"You're saying she was a liar?"
"Sweet, friendly Hailey. So charming, so good-tempered. And she had a way about her, didn't she? A
way of… getting people behind her. A way of making people believe her. Not exactly my strong suit,
― Kay Hooper, quote from Whisper of Evil

“Abruptly, she said, "I wonder what she did to so alienate our father that he disinherited her. Do you
"Supposedly… she ran off with Glen Sabella. He was a mechanic, and he was married. Gossip had it
that your father was furious, especially since—"
"Since both his wife and his other daughter had also run off without a word.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Whisper of Evil

“If he pushed too often or too hard, she was very capable of, at the very least, calling
her boss or her invisible partner and having Max put on ice somewhere while she went on working.
The girl twelve years ago couldn't have done that, but this woman certainly could. And would.”
― Kay Hooper, quote from Whisper of Evil

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Kay Hooper
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Born date January 1, 1958
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