12+ quotes from This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel

Quotes from This Dark Endeavor

Kenneth Oppel ·  298 pages

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“There is a passion in you that scares me.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“The preface? Why would he waste time with the preface? Skip the preface and move on to the meat of the thing!”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“It was as though, in one moment, he had become a stranger. And I a stranger to myself.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“You see, when medicine works, it is blessed science, and when it fails, it is witchcraft. - Polidori”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“No, indeed, 'pig' is very expressive. And an excellent description of a fellow who flirts with his brother's beloved.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“If she can bite a vulture, she can jump a crack.
~Victor Frankenstein”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“Beyond the lake, over the mountains, the clouds were illuminated from within by a brilliant stutter of lightning, and in that split second Elizabeth and I were etched against the sky.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“Konrad had gone to the New World without me, and no matter how fast I ran westward, how close I kept to the sunsets, I would never catch up with him now.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“We all knew no respectable physician would remove my fingers just for the asking, and we had no time anyway.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“What do you make of him?" I asked Elizabeth.

"Apart from the fact he's clearly insane?"

"What can he learn from Konrad's blood?" I said. "Except that he needs it in his body to live!"

"There is something ghoulish about it."

"He's like a vampyre,”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“Behind us I saw the water, still welling up from the tunnel, curving round in a frothing serpentine torrent to plunge down the other descending passage. For a moment we all sat there and watched, numb and exhausted.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

“Do you worry it is sinful?" I asked.
She took a breath. "No," she said firmly. "God is the creator, and anything on this earth is here by His permission. I cannot think He minds if we use His creations - only how. For good or ill. What we seek is for good, so I will not worry about it.”
― Kenneth Oppel, quote from This Dark Endeavor

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Kenneth Oppel
Born place: Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
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