Quotes from The Inn at Rose Harbor

Debbie Macomber ·  330 pages

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“When I first learned that Paul had been killed, the grief had been all-consuming, and I didn’t think I would be able to go on. Yet life continues to move forward, and so have I, dragging from one day into the next until I found I could breathe normally.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor

“I was looking forward to my visit to the library. I’ve always been a big reader and thought I might eventually volunteer as a Friend of the Library.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor

“Still, I remained curious. Abby Kincaid had flown in from Florida, which was about as far away from Cedar Cove as a person could get while remaining in the continental United States. She appeared to be happy for her brother and his bride, but she didn’t seem pleased to be in town. She’d mentioned that it’d been over ten years since she was last in Cedar Cove, but surely there were school friends she’d want to see.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor

“love. “In time you’ll know joy again.” Joy? I wanted to argue with him. It didn’t seem likely or even possible. One doesn’t heal from this kind of pain. I remembered how my family and friends had struggled to find the right words to comfort me. But there are no words … there simply are no words.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor

“perhaps, in giving of myself, I would find the joy Paul had promised. And maybe, given time, it would be possible for me to find my way back to life.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor

“After all, it wan't every day that someone got adopted by a dog.”
― Debbie Macomber, quote from The Inn at Rose Harbor


About the author

Debbie Macomber
Born place: in Yakima, Washington, The United States
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