Quotes from The Fallen

Charlie Higson ·  502 pages

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“But I sure do love to whack a grown-up in the morning.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

“You got to harden yourself. Make, like, a shell around you. But not everyone can do it. If they got nothing to hang on to some of them screw up. They’re not in the game no more.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

“Now Lewis joined in. 'A sicko walks into a bar,' he said. 'WHAM! And then i hit him with the bar again, an iron bar, and knock him flat, then i hit him again, and again and again until his brains are, like, smashed all over the pavement. And then i slice him up with my new katana!'
'Yeah, Lewis,' said Brooke. 'Funny joke. Way to lighten the mood, bruv.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

“Dinosaurs…why did it have to be dinosaurs?”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

“you see that movie, Chicken Run, where the chickens gang up together and escape from the farm?”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

“This just ain’t my day, is it?’ They came to the statue of a naked woman and Lewis slapped her on the buttocks. ‘You wouldn’t turn me down, would you, princess?’ he said.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The Fallen

About the author

Charlie Higson
Born place: in The United Kingdom
Born date July 3, 1958
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