Quotes from Sometimes It Lasts

Abbi Glines ·  288 pages

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“But dreams change. Fate has a way showing you paths you want more.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“You need to run. Your ass may be bigger than me, but I can use a gun real damn good. So you’ve been warned. I’m coming after your motherfucking ass and I intend to put a bullet between your eyes.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“Somehow I’d managed to function without feelings.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“No excuses; those were just weak.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“Because I love you more than any goddamn thing on this fucking planet, I’m gonna let you have one more day. You just lost your daddy, and I’ll never forgive my- self for not being here with you. I’ll live my life regretting it. But I’ll be back. You’re mine, Eva Brooks. Always. You told me that yourself and, sweetheart, I’m holding you to it.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“I was desperate but I wanted to hear her tell me I was it for her. That the future was us.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“Jeremy brought you halfway, but the rest is mine. I’ve had you the rest of the way.” He said as Jeremy handed me over and pressed a kiss to my cheek.
I looked up at Cage as he tucked my arm into his and bestowed me with one of his soul-stealing grins. “It’s time we start our always, Eva.”
I turned to face him. I stood on my tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his lips. Then I whispered, “We already have. We’ve been working on our always since you walked into my world with a cocky swagger and a smile.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“I will never, and I mean fucking never regret choosing you. Nothing is more important than you, Eva Brooks. Nothing.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“Listen, bitch, the only white trash in this room is the one who slept with a married man. An old married man at that. You call my man one more name and I will knock those ridiculously high heels out from under you. So back the hell off before you end up on your ass. -Eva”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“I worship the ground Eva walks on. I love her smile. I love the way she gets in a snit and her lips get all pinched up. I love the way she thinks she has to cook for me. I love the fact that she lets me butter her biscuit. I love the way she curls into me at night and lets me hold her. I also love how perfect it is when I’m making love to her. How I feel complete.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“One day. I knew she wasn’t saying soon or before too long because that would mean her dad was gone. She couldn’t say that. I understood. But one day was haunting me.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“The boy who hadn't been loved and had been left by everyone had trusted me with his heart and I'd let him down.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

“Not once, Eva. Not fucking once have I wanted anyone but you since the moment I walked onto that porch out there and laid eyes on you. It’s been you ever since.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Sometimes It Lasts

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Abbi Glines
Born place: in Birmingham, Alabama
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