8+ quotes from Ruining Me by Nicole Reed

Quotes from Ruining Me

Nicole Reed ·  149 pages

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“Since it seems your marking your territory , why don't you go ahead and pee on her while you're at it ? " ~ Cal”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“Yes, you made me want my future again. The only problem is, he was my future first." ~ Jay”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“Jay," my name comes out like a prayer. "Be mine. Be only mine," he whispers to me. ~ Kane”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“My feelings are all over the place. Can you be bipolar in love?”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“What a conceited ass. I like eye candy as much as the next girl, but you soon learn the truth about candy." ~ Jay
He laughs louder this time. "What? That it melts in your mouth and not in your hand?" ~ Kane”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“I can wait. Honestly, Jay, I was planning on waiting forever for you." ~ JT”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“I can tell you, Jay, nothing that happens in this life is worth killing yourself over. Time passes, and you can decide to change your future. You don't let what some assholes say or do, direct you. In this life, it only matters what you do with it.”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

“Tell me what it will take, Jay?" His voice whispers in my ear. "I want you." ~ Rhye”
― Nicole Reed, quote from Ruining Me

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