5+ quotes from Refugee by Erica Stevens

Quotes from Refugee

Erica Stevens ·  234 pages

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“I think you've figured out the extremes that I will go to, and that there isn't anything I won't do, any one I won't destroy, to protect her.”
― Erica Stevens, quote from Refugee

“I would die for you and not think twice about it. I won’t, I can’t risk losing you. I need you to stay with me.”
― Erica Stevens, quote from Refugee

“He was being reasonable; he wasn't beating the shit out of them right now. He considered that pretty damn reasonable considering the burgeoning rage he felt.”
― Erica Stevens, quote from Refugee

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” he whispered against her cheek.
“Because I love you.”
“Is it so simple then?”
He smiled back at her. “Yes.”
― Erica Stevens, quote from Refugee

“You can do this Braith,” she whispered.
He was pretty sure he could do just about anything if she was standing at his side.”
― Erica Stevens, quote from Refugee

About the author

Erica Stevens
Born place: in Middletown, The United States
Born date June 8, 1979
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