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Quotes from Insight

Jamie Magee ·  314 pages

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“I found you.No one can keep us apart now,and our love will now be the story told to define how sacred love is”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“Im not a baker so im not going to sugar coat it.”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“Being angry at the mistakes made by the heart will only leave you bitter.”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“It is true that we choose our life, but it’s also true that we can choose at any moment to change our path.”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“People have the power to change their perspective. They just get caught up in an endless cycle of foolish things that don’t matter.”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“We can’t change the past, and the details of the future have yet to be seen,”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“time is simply an illusion, and the gifted live on,”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight

“But, I get this feeling that if I stay close to you, I'll find what I'm looking for”
― Jamie Magee, quote from Insight


About the author

Jamie Magee
Born place: in Monroe, The United States
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